MP3 | Fantasy Island: “Evergreen”

It's been a while since we heard from L.A.'s Fantasy Island, one of the few new bands to really blow me away in the last year or so. “Avenue” and “Breaking A Heart” were clearly just the beginning of their sonic explorations as they’ve now given us “Evergreen” — their most unusual and experimental track to date:

Fantasy Island – Evergreen

I still don’t know why every music outlet on the planet isn’t freaking out about this band. They’re doing what very few bands manage to do, and that’s to sound unique, to mask influences through the sheer abundance and discipline of your creativity. Fantasy Island do this better than 90% of new bands I hear on a day to day basis, and “Evergreen” is another, deeper, notch on that weird little belt. Who else makes circus soul? If Neon Indian and Grizzly Bear were in a head-on collision on the side of Big Rock Candy Mountain, and their combined blood and/or creative juices started trickling down the hill, Fantasy Island would be the sheen off that sinewy, glistening sugar.

With that wonderful image in your head, here’s the still unstoppable “Avenue” »

Fantasy Island – Avenue

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