MP3 | Night Panther: “Snudge”

Friday night’s IGIF x exfm x Small Plates show was a disaster for recovering alcoholics and Skrillex fans. But thankfully for the sane, rational world, the abundance of excellent new music and alcohol of all densities and flavors was exactly what Friday the 13th needed to, and certainly did, deliver. One of the night’s most notable performances was by Doylestown, PA’s Night Panther — If not for the mysticism of having only one song released, or the (I’m hoping) crypticism of performing largely without shirts while dry-humping their keyboard stands, then for the… umm… well, no, it’s definitely those things. And some of this:

Night Panther – Snudge

Please let this be correct.

Picking your best song to unleash on the web isn’t very hard… but when you’ve got more where that came from, as shown Friday night, you know you’re onto something special. We’ll keep you posted as more news/tunes from Night Panther are unleashed.

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