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On Friday the 13th we’re welcoming Philly’s Gracie to New York for a show at Pianos, presented by exfm and our own Small Plates, with Beacon, Blonds, Night Panther, and Yung Life. He’ll be showcasing a new live set anchored by some new songs from his forthcoming Bleeder LP, including this one, “Creature Pleaser,” that sees him taking a turn away from his r&b roots:

Gracie – Creature Pleaser

I’ve always assumed that great songs have great balance between two ideas — whether that’s two genres, two volumes, two lyrical ideas, or simply two ideologies. Art vs pop. Back-room experiment vs populist science. Crazy vs cool. On “Creature Pleaser” Gracie strives to hit that balance. Harsh guitars are paired with brightly plucked high notes, oohs and aahs seam with an overcharged hi-hat that never ends, and a dark, warbling sample hovers in and out throughout the whole track. It sounds like Billy Corgan and Men at Work met in the middle. Even the structure is fragmented, split down the middle, a bridged bridge, before everything comes crashing back, louder but with an elated shimmer that runs down its spine.

If it’s not my favorite Gracie song (that belongs to Tryck R Treat), it’s definitely his most accomplished. Someone capable of a song like “Creature Pleaser” is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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