Listen | Animal Collective: “Today’s Supernatural”

The most rewarding rivalry of the summer isn’t Phelps vs Lochte or USA vs China… it’s Animal Collective vs Grizzly Bear (just as it was in 2009). We’ve heard non-album tracks “Honeycomb” & “Gotham” from Animal Collective, and Grizzly Bear’s Twitter-worldwide-trending “Sleeping Ute”… Now we’ve finally got our first real listen into what direction Animal Collective are taking on Centipede Hz (psst… it’s “weirder”)

Definitely hit that 720p button for the full glory, there’s a million details in here that the band most certainly doesn’t want you to miss. Like great auteurs, the band has a reason for everything you hear on “Today’s Supernatural”, from the whooping helicopter-blade-percussion to the synthetic bubbles to the easily-overlooked power chords in the chorus.

And because YouTube Top Comments aren’t always asinine: “Your move, Grizzly Bear.”

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