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With the help of some friends, I may have just stumbled on Austin’s best kept secret: Tiger Waves haven’t been around long but they’re already making their mark in the rather crowded Beach Boys-y, multi-harmonic realm of indie rock that we all tend to know well and love a’plenty too. “Weekends” is an absolute gem of a track from start to finish and I’ve gone ahead and looped it a few times now and don’t plan on stopping any time soon:

Tiger Waves – Weekends

With as much Brian Wilson as one can fit into a few opening bars, along with shades of Animal Collective’s most uplifting song (“Fireworks”), so begins “Weekends” with the quiet confidence and delicate persistence of a good storyteller. I’ve either heard these melodies somewhere before, bouncing around and running rampant in what feels like my candy coated cranium or Tiger Waves’s James Marshall and Reid Comstock have really created one of the catchiest songs of the year without any hint of… what’s that word… cryptomnesia.

I’m onto my seventh listen, while you should be just about reaching for numero dos. Check out an equally lovely if not slightly more Beatley track, “I Love You George Harrison,” at the duo’s Bandcamp.

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