MP3 Premiere | Conveyor: “Woolgatherer”

I’ve been keeping dibs on Brooklyn outfit Conveyor for awhile now, first becoming intrigued by their sound with their jam “Mukraker”. I’ve since been subjected to the entirety of their upcoming debut LP and it’s full of quirky, experimental pop that teeters on the glamorous side. The group has roots in Florida, which is funny considering we love bands like Hundred Waters, Levek, and Holiday Shores that all have their own unique takes on pop. What’s going on down there?

“Woolgatherer” is a great summertime track, blending up-and-down harmonies with punchy percussion as well as scorching sunshine and afternoon thunderstorms. The vocals remind me of Brooklyn’s ARMS and the snap-crackle percussion/harmony tango of juvenile Animal Collective. Can’t wait to see these guys live, snag some vinyl til then.

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