[MP3] MS MR: “Hurricane” + Demos

It’s been awhile since I’ve had that feeling in my bones of a potential future breakout. It usually starts in my ears, where the really good ones make it past my temporal lobe, spin around my heart like a pinwheel, and shoot into my soul leaving a tingling sensation that would make Mufasa proud. When it hits your bones, well, there’s no poetic way of saying it other than referencing Bad Boys: shit just got real. MS MR are a duo (a miss and a mister) hailing from Brooklyn with little to show for a musical existence, but the stuff they do have is a certifiable springboard of originality ready to catapult them into a spotlight. Check out rapidly circulating single “Hurricane” ASAP:

So many bands can live and die by the lead vocals, often one extreme making or breaking the other. I don’t even know this woman’s name but two things are abundantly clear: 1) her voice is so strong it adds an almost instrumental layer to each song she sings and 2) she’s sexy, because.. you know damn right! I remember, years ago, first hearing Florence Welch (when she did a slew of covers and bounced around the blogs) and feeling the same way. A strong voice like that can’t be suppressed and can even transform subpar melodies into memorable ones. Luckily, the melodies are just fine, the arrangements just right, and the percussion fantastic. Spin demo “Ash Tree Lane” and take the jump to a crazy video for “Hurricane” and the full set of demos.. then watch this duo blossom by summer’s end.

MS MR – Ash Tree Lane

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