[MP3] Goldroom: “Fifteen” (Feat. Chela)

I got in an argument with some “industry folks” today who sent me a new jam from Goldroom and not a whole lot of context to go with it. Yes, this is the solo project of NightWaves’ Josh Legg. Yes, he’s from Los Angeles. And yes, he likes himself some dreamy synth. But hey, Google robots can tell me all of those things! I crave some additional context and isn’t that sort of the point of me existing as this indiemediary between those hunting for good music and those creating good music in the ethers of the unknown?!

So thank my bad/badder cop interrogation skills for delivering the following tidbits: in the summertime, Goldroom prefers a dark and stormy cocktail in his hands and Old Spice Pacific Surge under his arms. Aside from the internet’s first armpit exclusive info, Goldroom has created a masterful tune that also fits in well with the aforementioned summertime. “Fifteen” is his first original track (dude dabbles heavily in remixes) and features Australian vocalist Chela as a prominent centerpiece to whisk your ears into a sonic landscape where gravity ceases to exist and beats-per-minute are used as currency. Listen below, get more here.

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