[MP3] Donora: “And Then The Girls”

Been in a female fronted electro-pop mood all week, starting off with Zambri and following through with a track from new act Donora. The peppy track for “And Then The Girls” landed in my lap the other day and, honestly, I would’ve probably overlooked it unintentionally if it wasn’t for a video featuring a bunch of synchronized roller skating maniacs. Did you call the the 90s your youthful days? If so, you probably fell victim to a few nights of rolling circles around the rink with friends. Or maybe I just fell victim to what Arcade Fire poetically penned “Surburban Sprawl”. I’m not mad, I was pretty crafty on those skates. Pep up with the track below and go to the roller-disco after the jump. Socks optional.

Donora – And Then The Girls

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