[MP3] new Here We Go Magic: “Make Up Your Mind”

If there’s one band that I’m still holding out for because of the promise of their debut LP and a handful of truly excellent songs, it’s Here We Go Magic. Now with two albums and an EP under their proverbial studded pink belt, they’re ready to drop album number three: A Different Ship. With a title like that and Radiohead’s own “fifth Beatle” (Nigel Godrich) grasping production reins, I’d like to think this might be the album where all the stars align… where every song sounds like the prodigious offspring of mother “Tunnelvision” and father “Land Of Feeling”. Here’s their lead lil’ slugger, “Make Up Your Mind” »

Here We Go Magic – Make Up Your Mind

More “Collector” than “Tunnelvision”, so I guess Luke Temple and company are continuing the progressive, percussive noodling of 2010’s Pigeons LP. It’s certainly a sound they can call their own, but the way the verses meander between one or two chord changes doesn’t really allow for the band to showcase their best talents. Temple’s vocals remain pretty stagnant and the whole range of the song is condensed under a ton of bricks. Within that condensation there’s some wiggle room that’s probably worth exploring, but the song isn’t exciting or catchy enough to pull you down to those crevices in the first place. I’m hoping for much more on A Different Ship, but even if there’s only one gem on there it’ll probably shine brighter than most of the music released in 2012… and I suppose that’s worth the wait.

A Different Ship is out via Secretly Canadian on May 8th.

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