[MP3] new Campfires: “Melted Rubber Soul”

Jeff Walls, a.k.a. Campfires, is back after a small hiatus with a brand new mini-album cassette called Slaughter Tropes showcasing his penchant for scuffed up classic rock and lo-fi noisemaking. Here’s the tape’s first cut “Melted Rubber Soul: »

Campfires – Melted Rubber Soul

These kind of sandy, distorted grooves might not be for everyone, but there’s something wonderful about Campfires’ songs, especially for the crate-digging, vinyl-loving folks out there. “Melted Rubber Soul” sounds plucked from the back room of the Library of Congress’s vinyl archives, stuck somewhere between old Kinks b-sides and Lou Reed’s late sixties recording sessions. Even Walls’ frenetic soloing sounds like a needle skidding wildly across a 45, aimless and wandering yet enlightened and meditative, which pretty much sums up the totality of my experience with Campfires’ music.

You can pick up the Slaughter Tropes cassette here. Also, if you’re in the vinyl mood, Campfires’ only still-available vinyl release happens to be the “Dusty Mansions” 7″ we put out on Small Plates last year. Grab it here for just $5 »

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