[Listen] new Cadence Weapon: “88” (“Produced” by Grimes)

We haven’t heard much from Edmonton rapper Cadence Weapon in a bit but that all changed today with “88”, an ode to a huge roots year for hip-hop and kinda sorta produced by Grimes. We say “kinda sorta” because, as Prefix pointed out, Ollie copped a sample from the song “Eight” off her new record Visions to back his vocals. It’s a pretty slick track and hopefully means new things from Cadence Weapon coming soon.

[Update: CW tells us Grimes hooked him up with the “Eight” instrumental “months ago” for use on this song, hence her production credit]

Meanwhile, in Grimes’ world… today she took over Gorilla vs Bear and posted like a madwoman, racking up more (good) posts in a day than most (good) blogs post in a week. We think that’s pretty great.

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