[MP3] Lower Dens: “Brains”

note – we are aware that Nathaniel and Connor both wrote about this in two separate posts, but we think that’s awesome so we left ‘em both.

The Jana Hunter fronted Lower Dens are following up 2010’s Twin-Hand Movement with a new LP. Nootropics is its name, and “Brains” is its first single:

Lower Dens – Brains

With a bassline–percussion duet chugging the song along throughout each its five minutes, “Brains” gives us one of the best and most subtle crescendoes since Of Montreal’s “The Past Is a Grotesque Animal”. There’s a lovely amount of noise shadowing over the whole thing that acts as a catalyst for some pretty bizarre listening experiences… as in, I think I hear synth flares and what sounds like a shouting ghoul occupying that fuzzy whitespace at the end of the spectrum, but I can’t be sure. One thing’s for sure: Jana Hunter’s got access to some pretty killer ether.

Nootropics is out on April 30th via Ribbon Music.

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