[MP3] Jagwar Ma: “Come Save Me” + Video

A good friend of mine just started a record a label called The Blue Rider and sent me her first planned release. I don’t know if this is beginners luck of she’s just that good, but Jagwar Ma are incredibly catchy and full of good vibes. Check out debut single “Come Save Me”:

Jagwar Ma claim to be from Antarctica (with a hint of Sydney/Berlin/Swaziland) which probably isn’t true but I’m choosing to believe it. Their music is anything but dark and cold, snagging sounds from a retro window of the 50s and 60s while mixing them an upbeat, dance tempo that’s teeters more on the side of tropical rhythm than vintage disco. Penguinwave? Icebergcore? Snowgaze? I have no idea, aside from the fact I love it.

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