Clown and Sunset founder Nicolas Jaar has a new project with Dave Harrington (EL TOPO, ARMS) that I really can’t stop listening to. There’s been a serious lack of slow moving, balearic “afro-beat-indie-pop-trance-core” since Studio disappeared off the face of the Earth around 2007-2008, and I’ve certainly been feeling the rub (“Life’s A Beach” is one of the best songs of that decade).

[via Gorilla vs Bear]

It’s brilliant to hear someone new tackling the genre and doing it as well as DARKSIDE does. Everything seems so meticulously calculated, down to the slide of a guitar pick over the tightly wound ridges in of Harrington’s bass strings, or the looping of the echoes of Jaar’s vocals to create new melodies and texture the beat. It’s got the pacing of a slow motion trance party or a disco sheriff strutting through town. I don’t know, call it a guilty pleasure for me but I’ve got a sweet tooth for this sort of stuff and it’s been straight tapped.

Download the EP from Jaar’s own label Clown and Sunset »

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