[mpFree] Dreams’ Feeling 4 U EP

While CMJ certainly fills its attendees with crack music experiences, half-absorbed memories and more than a handful of hangovers, it also makes a bit of a void for a lost week of our usual type of ‘net based music discovery. So usually, right around nowish, I’m stumbling across some exciting stuff that I then realize all my peeps wrote about back in mid-late October. Then I also realize that a) bands always need new exposure and b) you guys totally don’t give a crap if you’ve seen this somewhere else, and thus, in this particular example, I give you… Dreams.

Dreams – Inlove.

Dreams’ debut EP Feeling 4 U gets the Absent Fever stamp, joining KYNAN, Ra Calium, and Small Plates’ own Gracie, among others. The music is described as ____wave but it’s really anything but: highly dynamic, R&B tinged, soulful 80’s funk revival that’s got more MJ and Prince than I really know what to do with. I put this on expecting a quick write-up but I’ve already listened to the 9 song EP twice through the end and hardly blinked… it’s really that smooth.

Download Feeling 4 U for free via Absent Fever and maybe teach your cat a few new dances moves along the way. Our blog brother yvynyl has a trippy video for the title track that’s worth checking out at least because it’s square shaped. SQUARE.

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