[Hypeworthy] Alabama Shakes Debut EP

With the constant barrage of music assaulting our ears – via earbuds, commercials, films, apps, in-store stereo speakers, and floating on clouds – it’s easier than ever to go “Oooh, I like that”, let alone click a button socially showing the same emotion. Constantly sifting through tracks and constructing playlists are fun hobbies, who doesn’t like to play favorites? Yet with each passing star or share, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stumble upon something that doesn’t just assault your ears but sends all of your senses into overdrive. If you’re looking to stun your senses, look no further than the Alabama Shakes.

Alabama Shakes – You Ain’t Alone

It seems fitting that I found out about this soulful, organic southern rock outfit the good ole’ fashioned way: word of mouth. Whispers and strong words from Zach @WeListenForYou made me stumble to Bowery Ballroom after a long day of Floating Fest during CMJ. With a beer in hand and only hearing one song of their’s prior, I walked in wanting to find out what all the fuss was about only to leave fussing and floored. Not fully believing what I had seen, I simply had no choice but acceptance since from the second I laid eyes on the stage I had tunnel vision. Lead singer Brittany Murphy draws you in with a raw emotion so appealing, it’s like the room of 500 people completely ceases to exist and she’s crooning only to you as if it were the last song she’d ever sing. Powerful, neck hair raising, sweaty palm inducing stuff.

Alabama Shakes – On Your Way

You may have read about them, seen a few tweets, or heard a track or two by now but if not.. this is a band you should get behind. This is a band that makes you remember why you love music. This band serenades your ears and rips your heart out in concert. This band only cares about one genre: damn good music. Yeah, I think I like this band.

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