[mpFree] Monster Rally’s Coral II Remixes

Monster Rally have produced some of my favorite releases this year (for a few reasons, not the least of which is the beautiful vinyl from Gold Robot). They’ve always been pretty generous with their music in quantity, quality and price, so it comes to no surprise that the newly released Coral II remix album would include sixteen tracks and be completely free. And unlike a lot of remix albums (even the pricey ones), these aren’t just throwaway tracks. Peep this one from the increasingly hard-to-ignore Superhumanoids:

Monster Rally – Cuban Velvet (Superhumanoids Remix)

Coral II isn’t exactly a victory lap (although MR deserve one after this year)… it’s perhaps a way to generously drum up support for yet another new release (!!) coming on November 1st: Crystal Ball.

“Crystal Ball is a collection of tracks recorded during the sessions that produced 2010’s Palm Reader EP. The vinyl edition includes 4 bonus tracks not found on the digital version.”

You can buy Crystal Ball for just thirteen bucks on that sleek clear vinyl I linked to above.

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