[MP3] THE-DRUM: “Euthanasia”

THE-DRUM – Euthanasia

THE-DRUM only so recently smacked my jaw to the floor with one of the most simultaneously dirty and clean futurestep jams I’ve ever heard with “Omar” (which we featured on last month’s MAP). Now they’re back with another new cut from their upcoming Heavy Liquid EP called “Euthanasia” that’ll pump a hell of a lot more life into you than it’ll suck out of you. You know we’re huge fans of pitch shifted vocal waves, subterranean percussion and sharp-as-knives production (it’s why we love Supreme Cuts enough to Small-Platesicize them). Still, I think I’m ultimately left favoring “Omar” for it’s subtlety and soft touch:


Heavy Liquid is out sometime in the near future (even though it sounds like it’s from the Summer of 2058).

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