[MP3] Bill Baird: “Hard So Hard”

Austin’s Bill Baird had a relatively promising songwriting career back in the early 2000’s when he fronted the off-kilter, proggy rock group Sound Team. Then along came Pitchfork’s notorious “blog band” basher Marc Hogan — whose mission, it seemed, was to discredit and destroy any band coming out of the blog circuit by any means necessary (even through terrible, nonsensical, and shameful writing) — and the band’s still highly listenable 2006 album Movie Monster would be their last. But Baird left unshaken, going on to his Sunset and solo projects. He’s since picked up some immense accolades — RCRD LBL fawned: “Bill Baird may be one of the more astounding songwriters tangling up tape in America right now.”

Hyperbole aside, he’s certainly doing some great things in the field today (he explains his process in a wonderful interview with Aquarium Drunkard). His latest goings on is a solo record called Goodbye Vibrations… one part rustic break up album, another part ode to the lonesome American prairie. It’s a brilliantly subtle and consistant record offering little more than Baird’s dual tracked vocals, fingerpicked guitar, a bit of tape hiss and occasionally warm shoegazey tones to bring it all together.

Bill Baird – Hard So Hard

Goodbye Vibrations is available for download and on highly limited (50 copies!) vinyl. Each record comes with a unique polaroid photograph from The Impossible Project which I’m sure you’ve heard about via Gorilla vs Bear.

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