[CMJ] IGIF “Mini-Mix” for exfm + Smart Lounge

With CMJ just a few days away, let’s reflect a little bit on the chaos that is about to hit NYC. In the midst of the city’s largest music festival where thousands of bands go apeshit across at least three of the five boroughs, where the per capita consumption of alcohol makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like 1950s Levittown, PA, and where techies, bloggers, label owners and casual fans engage in a weeklong bubble of heightened relevance and self-congratulation. It’s pretty awesome.

Going along with this pre-reflection, exfm asked us to make a tiny playlist for their presentation at PureVolume’s SmartLounge featuring the bands we’re most excited to see at CMJ. To make it easier (since there are at least 83 favorite bands coming), we narrowed the pool down to the five bands we’re most excited to see at CMJ that we’ve never seen live:

Hands – Warm Night Home
Jape – The Oldest Mind
Caged Animals – Girls On Medication
Beat Connection – Space Vacation
Hard Mix – Now Her

exfm is presenting their latest creations and innovations on Thursday (20th) at 8PM at the Purevolume SmartLounge (Thompson Hotel). RSVP here.

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