[MP3] Air Review: “America’s Son”

Air Review – America’s Son

Dallas’s indie folk/pop group Air Review has been making waves in the blogosphere for good reason: while the quintet’s sound doesn’t push many boundaries, its simple, organic quality and independence from technology provide a welcome and much needed balance to the growing electronic music trend. The America’s Son EP will be out later this fall, and a highlight is the release’s title track above.

“America’s Son” begins with a fun little percussive composition, setting the pace and mood of the song before Doug Hale’s intimately recorded vocals commence the journey. Maybe it’s a dusty westbound adventure, maybe a crowded steamboat ride or a trotted trail on horseback. There’s a plotting of the unknown, some foggy malaise that’s comforted by the glowing, friendly tones throughout the song: encouraging piano loops, warm background vocals, fingerpicked guitar melodies. If “America’s Son” is any indication, Air Review is more than capable of creating the sort of curious landscapes that great songs often uncover — an amalgam equal parts cozy homestead and clandestine wilderness — that stoke imaginations and tickle nerves.

We’re anticipating big things for Air Review. America’s Son drops sometime this fall.

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