[Hypeworthy] Giraffage: “Moments” + “Polar Bear”

One of my new favorite blogs is Turntable Kitchen, a uniquely merged site for foodies and music fanatics. Their September Mix is particularly spectacular and introduced me to the wonderfully futuristic schizophrenic electro-pop of San Francisco’s Charlie Yin a.k.a. Giraffage.

Giraffage – Moments
Giraffage – Polar Bear

Giraffage is the latest entry into the increasingly crowded post-chillwave electro-pop scene, but luckily for everyone the field is wide open. Chillwave’s claustrophobic sound was so solidified and so commanding that now, by comparison, the remaining untouched fields of electronic music are seemlingly vast and unending, and more and more musicians are beginning to poke around and explore in ever unique ways. Giraffage chooses sensory assault over the slow lull of haze and reverb and the results are refreshingly clear, dynamic, and active. “Moments” plugs chaotic pop abstractions seamlessly into a shimmering fabric of synth melodies and warped vocal harmonies, while “Polar Bear” offers what Ratatat was missing on their last effort: a brilliant amalgam of organic and inorganic sounds and textures that leave as many bizarro visual impressions as they do unshakeable sonic ones.

In May Giraffage released the Pretty Things EP for free (pay what you want). His debut LP, entitled Comfort, is on track for a fall release… fall can’t get here soon enough.

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