[Video] new Young Man: “Enough”

There are a handful of artists IGIF’s been in love with for a long time, Young Man being one of our “firsts” the same fond way you may look back on a high school sweetheart. That’s how our infatuation with Young Man started, with Connor and I both in college when he stumbled upon a YouTube channel featuring thoughtful covers by Colin Caulfield. Some original releases, blog love, and stellar live shows later Young Man was signed to Frenchkiss Records working on his studio bedroom recorded full length Ideas of Distance. Colin has me really stoked on this release (as if he needed to prep me) and after listening to new track “Enough” I can see why. Long live the return of organic music with thoughtful arrangements, moving melodies, and a slow release that one can’t simply unfold with the twist of a knob or poke of a sample pad.

Check out the video below and stay tuned for more details on Young Man’s new release super soon.

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