[MP3] new St. Vincent: “Surgeon”

After an ingenious but rather slow-moving promo campaign to rally the Tweeple behind St. Vincent (an attempt to get #strangemercy to go viral on Twitter) we finally have the promised MP3 at the end of the yellow brick road. “Surgeon” is our first taste of album #3, Strange Mercy, and you better believe it’ll be good:

St. Vincent – Surgeon

In what sounds on first listen like an obfuscation of the song’s meaning, Annie Clark seems to be cleverly linking surgery and sex — the horizontals, the undressing and redressing… It’s a rather brilliantly plotted track, if intentional, as the music fits almost perfectly with the intimacy, uncertainty, chaos and climax of surgery/sex. And, as always, her voice and unique melodic contributions add a shell of beauty to an otherwise bizarre, stifling anecdote. No one said Strange Mercy wouldn’t be strange.

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