[mpFree] Fort Lean’s Self-Titled EP

Fort Lean is a promising young indie rock band from Brooklyn, drawing numerous comparisons to The Strokes and The Walkmen, among others. Their debut EP, Fort Lean, is one within a growing trend of organic, old fashioned rock n’ roll, reminding us that there’s plenty of great music beyond the short-sighted ceilings of chillwave and electropop. Gander away:

[MP3] Fort LeanHigh Definition

“I didn’t mind, the bodies in the road, I was coming for you.” We’ve all been there. “Scraping by” within or without our means, trying to avoid teetering reputations and the placid scorn of friends and passers by alike. Fixation is our escape, a tooth-and-nail approach to emerging from whatever emotional shithole we’re in. But it always works, doesn’t it? We quit shitty jobs to be happy doing what we love. We take drugs to avoid our problems. We latch on to people above us, hoping to ride their coattails. Whatever the cure, whichever side of the rational and ethical divide it’s on, there’s always a way… and there’s something especially optimistic about that.

Fort Lean is available for free at Fort Lean’s bandcamp page.

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