[MP3] The New Division: “Walk in the Dark” + “Starfield”

It seems that everyone has some “thing” to say about the 80s, whether it’s a certain opinion on the (for lack of a better word) shitstorm of music genres or a fond memory of big hair and acid wash jeans. I was born in the late 80s so I’m a big fan, more for the whole “Hooray, I am alive in the world” thing than any lasting generational influence. Since my predilection toward music at the time consisted of the Elephant Show theme song and Raffi tunes, I missed out on a generation’s worth of blossoming acts like The Cure, Joy Division, Talking Heads, and The New Order. This new band from California, though, certainly did not. In fact, they made sure to let you know that up front by naming themselves The New Division.

[MP3] The New DivisionWalk in the Dark

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention their jam “Walk in the Dark” starts with a tigerblood infused Charlie Sheen sound clip. That’s just humorous fodder before they clean out your ears with Quaalude drenched q-tips, shoving you down a rabbit hole that you’re quite sure is the never ending mood ring of Ian Curtis himself. Moody, rhythmic, and electronic – if an umbrella, whether used against sunshine or a torrential downpour, were an instrument it might sound like The New Division.

[MP3] The New DivisionStarfield

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