[MP3 Premiere] Yourself and The Air: “Trampolines”

The temperature is in the mid-eighties, it’s impossible to walk three blocks without sweating, the AC unit is in the window, and it’s fashionably acceptable to wear white again.. guess that means summer is officially here! It’s not even June yet and it feels like July, so if you’re longing for the cool breeze Mother Nature is so reluctant to give, young Chicago outfit Yourself and The Air can give you temporary sanctuary with their new single “Trampolines”.

[MP3] Yourself and The AirTrampolines

“Trampolines” comes from the group’s second EP Who’s Who In The Zoo, a collection of fun indie pop songs with some experimental edge to them. It’s the type of music that isn’t going to fully overtake your senses and throw you headfirst into the deep end. No, “Trampolines” is good for testing the water with your toes and wading around in the shallow end. And that’s perfectly ok because I’m not looking to hold my breath and dive into a blue abyss with every new song I hear, sometimes you just gotta chill out sans swimmies.

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