[MP3 Premiere] Painted Palms: “I Will Truck” (Dirty Projectors Cover)

We always thought that San Francisco’s Painted Palms were destined for great things, and in the span of six months (since their debut freebie Canopy EP) they’ve signed to Secretly Canadian and are planning a remastered release of Canopy and undoubtedly a debut LP somewhere in the not too distant future. Along with all that fun stuff they’ve also just recorded a cover of Dirty Projector’s “I Will Truck” from 2005’s The Getty Address, and we’re happy to premiere the MP3:

[MP3] Painted PalmsI Will Truck (Dirty Projectors Cover)

The original is part of a “glitch opera” and needless to say is about as weird as Dirty Projectors usually get, and while I expected Painted Palms to take the track into a much fluffier, poppier direction, they actually do an incredible job channeling Longstreth’s eccentricity and elaborateness, to dizzying effect. At the same time the bass is massively amplified and the track on the whole is given an glossy electric sheen, as if blasted into the 2010’s and tuned to every bombastic and modern subgenre of the last few years of independent electronic music. It’s wide-spectrum’d, larger-than-life, and simply exciting to listen to — which is exactly what Painted Palms have been bringing to the table.

Here’s a remastered version of “All of Us” »

[MP3] Painted PalmsAll Of Us

Canopy is out 6/27 on Secretly Canadian. Preorder it now.

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