[MP3] new Wise Blood: “Penthouse Suites”

Wise Blood at IGIF’s Floating Fest SXSW 2011 by Kenny Bloggins

Slow churning sample chef Chris Laufman, better known as Wise Blood, offers up his latest molasses-thick, sidewinding cut — “Penthouse Suites” — a leftover from his upcoming second EP (and Dovecote debut) These Wings. Check it out:

[MP3] Wise BloodPenthouse Suites [via Pitchfork]

Not exactly his strongest song (it’s a “leftover”, of course) and in lockstep with the beats and flows of almost all of his other songs, “Penthouse Suites” still manages to show a slightly new direction for this dude. More of a jazzed up 21st century Meat Loaf ballad than a club banger, it moves gently and deliberately like toothpaste being squeezed out of its roll while Laufman waxes in his trademark self-conscious unease, before ending on a pretty well placed Skyzoo sample.

These Wings is out August 2nd.

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