[MP3] Little Tybee: “Nero” + “Passion Seekers”

Dudes and dudettes, you are going to dig this band. I’ve been like Beethoven when it comes to young Atlanta outfit Little Tybee, totally deaf to their sound but able to find other beautiful works via artists in their stead. Now it’s like I’ve been blessed with a magical Q-tip that, when inserted into my ear canal and delicately twisted back-and-forth like a lint ball between your fingers, has repaired my acute Little Tybee deafness. Hooray! Victory! Oh music, so this is what you sound like:

[MP3] Little TybeeNero

Delicately constructed orchestral pop music with enough adventure to keep wandering ears at bay, Little Tybee oozes southern charm with a dash of classicism capable of penetrating a generation of music fans beyond their own years. They’ve got a bit of IGIF’s long-fav artist Levek in ‘em but with a strange sound that’s hard to place, one emitting an aura of peppy ragtime music or a sharp dressed five-piece you’d stumble across in a saloon while sipping a smooth Old Fashioned.

[MP3] Little TybeePassion Seekers

Little Tybee have a record that just released via Paper Garden Records and made a really sweet video for single “Nero”. Sweet if you were a yo-yo obsessed kid in middle school like me, then this video (featuring a globally ranked top five yo-yo trickster) will rock ya after the jump.

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