[MP3] Dirty Gold: “California Sunrise”

“I need some summer sun to come and wake me up!”

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t grown up with a healthy dosage of all four seasons, blindly trudging through the years without the peaks and valleys of blistering summers and frigid winters. Oblivious to the various temperatures, percentages of precipitation, and fickle weeks of in-between weather lurking around the corner of any given calendar month. Yes, while I’ve grown up with Mother Nature the hyperactive, indecisive puppy those living in Southern California have been hanging with Mother Nature the mellow, steadfast dog. Both have their benefits, but I doubt Dirty Gold would sound this good without perpetual sunlight fueling their sound.

[MP3] Dirty GoldCalifornia Sunrise

This outfit is charming, like catching sun-rays through fluffy white lo-fi clouds or sitting around a campfire on the beach watching this percussion heavy group get through a song in such alluring fashion you forget you’re even holding a cold beer. Connor featured this group briefly with TV Girl last week but they deserve some proper love, especially with a stellar debut EP coming out via Aquarium Drunkard’s lovely little label Autumn Tone.

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