[MP3] California Wives: “Tokyo”

I think Spring is finally here to stay. It’s raining a lot and the winds have picked up, but I’ll gladly splash in some puddles and trudge forward through halting winds for markedly warmer temperatures. As the cold weather departs and the sunshine begins to reacquaint itself with everyone, I’ve been on the lookout for some tunes that capture those “it’s still kinda chilly but I think it’s getting warmer, oh please God don’t get cold again” feelings. I think I’ve found it too, fresh from young band California Wives.

[MP3] California WivesTokyo

The Chicago music scene is on the rise! I used to only know a handful of bands from the Windy City but over the last year or so they’ve churned out some great new acts (see: Young Man, Campfires, Distractions, YAWN, Loyal Divide). California Wives capture the in-between warm and cold mood well, capturing slivers of sound from The Cure and fusing them with same modern guitar pop twist Jack Tatum utilizes so well as Wild Nothing. Good for those gloomy days when the sun is breaking through the clouds.

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