[Video Premiere] MillionYoung & Teen Daze: “Us and Them” (Pink Floyd Cover)

As I get more and more pumped for SXSW, I can’t help by also loving when Connor and I vibe on the same wavelengths unknowningly: see the rad Monogold write-up below that he posted while I was writing about them myself! Eerie stuff, guess we’re a tag team for a reason! Meanwhile, MillionYoung and Teen Daze recently teamed up for a joint jam session where they covered Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them”, as filmed by the lovely dudes at Yours Truly. It’s a great cover, although not what you’d expect to hear from two artists who often get lost in the keys, chords, and motherboards of electronic instrumentation. The fusion of Floridian electro-pop and Canadian glow works well, a droned out cover with instruments serving as the main attraction to booming vocals that become swallowed in guitar. Not sure what the occasion was for said collaboration but I certainly hope it happens again!

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