[Video] new Foxes in Fiction: “School Night”

I’ve been loving Foxes in Fiction’s music for a long long time, there are too many beautiful lo-fi layers crafted by Warren Hildebrand not to like. The hypeworthy alum first conquered my ears in March of last year, but has since conquered a bevy of other senses via live performances at our CMJ edition of Floating Fest and most recently our SXSW Killer Tofu party. Warren unveiled some new tracks at Killer Tofu, including the dreamy and drifting “School Night” complete with Memoryhouse backing him. It was a haunting set and I’m very excited to share the new video for said new track, with slatternly glowing images of children running around without a care in the world.

The track was featured on a visual playlist and the video was created by Jamie Harley, read more about the stellar project on Stadium & Shrines.

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