[MP3] Teens: “O’Lay”

Just got this killer garage punk throwback in the inbox. Teens, a group of dudes from Boise, ID, got together last year to record their self-titled debut EP “with two microphones in a cold war era bomb shelter.” Fans of The Animals and Operation Ivy will dig this shit hard:

[MP3] TeensO’Lay

Everything you need to know about Teens is in their bio, which perfectly sums up what the band and its music are all about. For example:

Teens was recorded with a severe lack of professional equipment, in the same underground hole mentioned above. Only two microphones, severely cramped confines, archaic tracking devices, and a ‘first-take-is usually-the-best-take’ approach, all combine to give the album an effervescent charm that would be unrealized in more posh circumstances.

So money I didn’t even try to say it myself.

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