[MP3] new Secret Mountains: “Weepy Little Fingers”

I am in the midst of SXSW post-a-poolza, bulk editing photos and uploading galleries so fast carpal tunnel syndrome is now only a symptom for these hands. Between a new job, moving to Brooklyn last week, and struggling to find a decent Wi-Fi connection.. my posting abilities have been nearly non-existent. Hats off to Connor who, even when battling a post-SXSW flu last week, has been nothing short of a clockwork fountain of musical youth. One of my favorite bands of SXSW, Secret Mountains, have a brand new track waiting to burrow into your brain.

This Baltimore band is a throwback to the days of emotional rock n’ roll; a time when flimsy plastic parts, colorful buttons, and spinning knobs were only used for decoration and not the tabletop of carnival noises they often produce today. A vibrating snare, sharp guitar, heavy bass, and a powerful set of female vocals drive this organic ballad into the depths of a psychedelic outer space. Well-placed feedback lingers long enough to tease your ears, while gently plucked guitar licks and eerily tracked vocals add a layer of mystique to their music unvarnished by the conveniences of modern day recording shortcuts.

I’m really loving Secret Mountains and, at this point, there is little else I can say to convince you that this group of young musicians form one hell of an excellent band.

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