[SPR002] Campfires: Dusty Mansions 7″ (MP3 Co-Premiere w/ yvynyl)

In the latter half of 2010 IGIF teamed up with Tumblr music blog superstar yvynyl to launch a new imprint focusing on high quality vinyl releases. “Small Plates” is what we lovingly called it, and we’re ridiculous excited to announce our latest (and second-ever) release: the prominent and commanding artwork you see above is the new 7″ from Chicago’s Jeff Walls, better known as Campfires. “Dusty Mansions” is the a-side, while the b-side offers “Time Flying By” segueing wonderfully into “Chasing Planets”. Here’s “Dusty Mansions” for your listening pleasure:

[MP3] CampfiresDusty Mansions

The “Dusty Mansions” 7″ is out on April 12th, limited to 500 copies on red vinyl. You can preorder here or wait until the release date, but judging from how quickly Campfires’ previous 7″ sold out (via Mexican Summer), this one isn’t going to last very long.

¡Viva Campfires, viva tiny record labels, y viva vinyl!

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