[mpFree] New Animal’s self-titled debut LP

When you really dig independent music, whether as a fan or a blogger, there’s almost no better feeling than stumbling upon a promising young band that no one’s ever heard of… especially when that band is as talented and exciting as New Animal. Just two dudes from Atlanta, Kris Hermstad and Derek Burdette have labored over 15 tracks and 75 minutes of music in styles ranging from bedroom pop to exp. psych pop to anthemic kraut rock. The more the merrier — they don’t fit some simple category, no “RIYL” recommendations abound. Seemingly from the heart, or from the mind, or from the gut, but at least from somewhere within. They don’t cop someone else’s sound and fuzz the hell out of it to mask their theft. They aren’t hopping on the latest genre bandwagon. Listen for yourselves:

[MP3] New AnimalOther Side
[MP3] New AnimalTry

Soak up those two tracks and then proceed to New Animal’s bandcamp page where you can grab the whole release gratis. Then thank Radiohead for starting this whole free release thing, because it’s so much bigger and better than anyone would have guessed four years ago.

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