[MP3] Loyal Divide: “Vision Vision”

The number of quality Chicago bands sent my way the past few months has been increasing, with Loyal Divide continuing that trend. I was just sent a few tracks by the band this morning and am particularly enjoying my snowy jam session with “Vision Vision”.

[MP3] Loyal DivideVision Vision

Trade in your analog time piece for a new, high-tech digital watch because these guys don’t mess around with too many “old school” or “boring” things. Loyal Divide specialize in tracks that are choppy, electronic, fuzzy, and downright haunting at times. Sometimes it sounds like they want you to groove along smoothly to their beats and melodies, but then they throw in some jarring electronic turbulence to give your eardrums white knuckle syndrome. When it happens, be prepared: place the mask over your face and know that while the bag doesn’t inflate, good music is flowing.

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