[mpFree] Painted Palms’ Canopy EP

Something wicked this way comes, sinisterly infectious, missioned to calibrate your eardrums with your hypothalamus. The result, perfectly, is the tightening of your facial muscles to produce one of those tickly grins that overtakes your entire expressive potential. Even your ears, which you can’t move on command, join in on the fun and push up against the hairs along the side of your head.

Painted Palms, out of San Francisco, are the dudes responsible for this numbing elation. Released just one week ago, their debut EP Canopy seems to have taken cues from a wild and inspiring group of contemporary artists and genres– electro pop, chillwave, Animal Collective, krautrock, dance punk, The Cure, and experimental pop of all sorts. But it does this without sounding too derivative or trend-sensitive. In fact, it almost seems to ignore the aforementioned influences, perhaps borne from two artists (Chris Prudhomme and Reese Donohue) truly making the music they were born to make. And that makes the music, already infinitely listenable, that much more intriguing.

[MP3] Painted PalmsAll Of Us
[MP3] Painted PalmsCanopy

Grab the entire EP for free here. Thanks to Kelsey for the tip.

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