[MP3] new Teen Daze: “Watch Over Me”

Teen Daze @ Floating Fest CMJ

It’s getting colder and colder with each passing day but that doesn’t mean the warmth of dreamy, synth-laden music can’t boost your body temp via eardrums. Teen Daze, who recently curated a giant dance party upstairs at Floating Fest CMJ, has released a new track titled “Watch Over Me” that mixes the glow of both starlight and sunlight into one gorgeous track.

[MP3] Teen DazeWatch Over Me

The first half of the song is illuminated by starlight, slowly building with gentle guitar chords and soft vocals reminiscent of Candy Claws. It builds like an unstoppable sunrise lingering beyond the horizon threatening the remaining hours of decreasing darkness, then at 1:43 mark the sun bursts over the horizon with a welcomed warmth that transforms quiet tranquility into pupil-dilating bliss. The last time I saw Teen Daze it was a crazy dance party but this time it was an unsuspecting serenade.. it’s good to know he’s capable of producing both.

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