[Video] new Young Man: “Enough” (Demo) + MP3

When Barry White first sang “I can’t get enough of your love, babe” I’m pretty sure he’d just returned from the year 2010 in his time machine, having just heard yet another Colin Caulfield demo on YouTube. Of course by “love” he meant music, and “babe” is a term he’d use regardless of the sex of the person to whom he was speaking… but yeah, I’m convinced, as in “pretty sure” he was talking about Young Man and his consistently high quality of music being produced.

All of this nonsense is to introduce a new video demo, or “idea” as Colin puts it, called “Enough” that was uploaded yesterday to his YouTube account.. It’s actually quite full bodied for an “idea” — overflowing with sweeping mandolinic overtones and Caulfield’s angelic pipes. It’s a hell of a song, but by now that doesn’t really surprise me from this dude. Still as hypeworthy as ever, here’s another gem (video after the jump):

[MP3] Young ManEnough (Demo)

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