[MP3] Dada Trash Collage: “Two Eyes”

Dada Trash Collage is a band we’ve featured in the past, a pair of cool dudes from Minneapolis who make funky, elemental freak-pop. It turns out they haven’t limited their musical output. The duo’s new album Cool Waves Bad Days came out yesterday, and “Two Eyes” the that album’s sparklingly chaotic centerpiece:

[MP3] Dada Trash CollageTwo Eyes

“Two Eyes”, yeah, we’re all born with them. At first they’re just functional tools that we use to guide ourselves within the world around us. As we get older we use them to appreciate the moments in life and nature that we know even photographs can’t capture. In frightening situations they release a water and salt mixture that literally blurs our perception of that which scares us. They protect us. As we get older they may become fuzzy and cataract-laden and then we begin to wonder, more and more… what do blind people see when they press up against their eyelids?

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