Thursday and Covers

[MP3] Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.God Only Knows

I’ve only recently started spinning Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. to the max and have been enjoying myself thus far, despite the ridiculous namesake the band has chosen. My favorite Beach Boys song and, for that matter, one of the most beautiful pop songs of all time, “God Only Knows”, was covered by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. It takes some kahunas to cover a Brian Wilson gem but they pull it off fabulously, building the song up until it collapses in a wall-of-sound wash of reverb and echoes.

[MP3] Foxes in Fiction & WeedTeenage Dream

I just featured the Bradford Cox approved Foxes in Fiction’s latest track “Bathurst” a few days ago and before that he was already in my good cover graces with a great cover of Memoryhouse’s “Lately”. Now Warren has teamed up with his friend Willy, who creates music under the moniker Weed, to put a twist on Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”. Yeah, you read that correctly.. friggin’ Katy Perry done by two lo-fi Canadians for a joyous collaboration. Nothing more I can do but chuckle for this cover.

[MP3] The Morning BendersRam On

Before The Morning Benders attracted a much larger audience with their album Big Echo, they were quite the covers collective churning out an entire covers album and creating their own crazy compositions like “I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book. Now they’ve released a cover of “Ram On” from my favorite Paul McCartney album Ram.

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