[MP3] new Foxes in Fiction: “Bathurst”

The lo-fi loveliness of Foxes in Fiction is something I’ve been enjoying for quite some time. The solo project of Canadian Warren Hildebrand, the dreamy melodies and soft loops have made him hypeworthy yet enjoyable in all the right circles. Latest single “Bathurst” delivers everything I’ve come to love about Foxes in Fiction, with catchy guitars and fuzzy vocals to boot. Many (myself included) easily draw comparisons to the solo work of Bradford Cox as Atlas Sound and it’s funny they do.

[MP3] Foxes in FictionBathurst

Last week, Cox did a live video chat on Yowie where he was taking questions from anybody and everybody to promote Deerhunter’s latest LP Halcyon Digest. Hildebrand’s friend asked him if he’d heard of Foxes in Fiction and Cox replied, “Yeah, I really love his stuff. He should be on here right now!” Of course, Hildebrand’s friend called to tell him and he immediately hopped online chatting with Cox a few times over the next hour. Hildebrand asked him what he thought of the comparisons between their music and he said, “Foxes in Fiction rules, I’m cool with it if you are.” All this happened two days after Hildebrand’s birthday, talk about the ultimate gift from your idol!

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