[MP3] new Computer Magic: “About You”

Computer Magic just released a new track called “About You” which, if you fell in love with her debut EP like I did, should rock your world. Or pop your world. Or doo-wop your world, I think I like that the best. Czech it out:

[MP3] Computer MagicAbout You

When we first heard from Computer Magic, Danz was making electronic-based music that might best be described as “tropicrunk”… lo-fi electro madness laced with tropical beats and an 80s-era appreciation for pitch-shifting synths and melodies. “About You” takes things in a different direction, pulling almost every ounce of its sound from 50s doo-wop. “About You” is about as sweet and syrupy as it gets, minimal at its core but perfectly simple and endlessly catchy in almost every way. Isn’t love grand?

Download the previously released Hiding From Our Time EP here.

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