[mpFree] Evenings’ North Dorm EP

Back around 2004 when I really started to appreciate the music discovery potential of the Internet, I stumbled upon a site for the record label and electronic artist collective called Audio Dregs, then home to E*Vax, Lineland, Copy, Lullatone, and a lil duo called Ratatat. Prior to 2004 I was a punk rock fan who had just started to appreciate indie rock, so needless to say I’d never tiptoed around electronic music, but this shit was fresh.

Now in 2010, with the landscape of promotion, distribution, consumption and even artistry for that matter having changed dramatically, I randomly waltzed onto Evenings’ bandcamp page and in less than five minutes was transported back to the day I found Audio Dregs six years ago. Based on their genre tags, Evenings would have you believe they fall into the chillwave / glo-fi / lo-fi / etc camp… and maybe it’s easy enough to lump them in that category (or maybe they know calling it “chillwave” will expose them to listeners who otherwise wouldn’t give them the time of day). Whatever you want to call it, Evenings’ North Dorm EP is worthy of your attention.

[MP3] EveningsBabe

You can download the North Dorm EP for free here.

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