[Video] Wayne shows his Coyne ("Watching The Planets")

I think I’ve seen it all or maybe I’ve just seen too much? Regardless, The Flaming Lips will never run out of ideas when it comes to promoting new music and showcasing their creativity. After a recent trip to KCRW, where the Lips played a great cover of Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse”, the radio host spoke of recently watching a new video made for their tune “Watching The Planets”. Painting the scene elaborately, she highlighted the process of viewing the video from a voting machine-like booth with a velvet curtain around it. Why? Wayne Coyne gets naked, of course! The frontman claimed there was nothing odd or grotesque about it, as it fit within their artistic expression. An expression containing nude cyclistis, Wayne exploring the woods in his concert bubble, and a hairy ball of birth perhaps tied to Embryonic’s album cover.

This is the part where I tell you NSFW, but the only things I know about safety involve my Volvo and the safety dance. Put a velvet curtain around your screen and join the orgy (watch the video).

John Lennon did it, Kevin Barnes did it, and Wayne Coyne just did it.

Artistic rite of passage?

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