[Video] Brüno Teabags Eminem

Before watching Drag Me To Hell yesterday (which wasn’t half-bad), I was exposed to the full length trailer of Brüno for the very first time. While I think Sacha Baron Cohen will have a difficult time topping the hilarity/buzz of Borat, the movie will still be worth watching via the merit of Cohen’s comedic timing and track record (if nothing else). Later that evening I found myself watching an angelically dressed Brüno descending from the ceiling, straight into the crotch conscious “69” position with Eminem. The entire ordeal was funny mainly due to two reasons: Eminem appeared livid and walked out of the building; Brüno announced the award winner while the audience (especially Zac Efron) had a look on their faces displaying, “Oh, he’s being serious?!” Not to mention, the still shot of the video below is quite priceless.

How did you discern the charade? Staged and corny? Real and funnny? Perhaps some of our MTV readers can provide the inside scoop.

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